Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Journey is Nearly Over?

By the end of tomorrow I will have travelled to and from London four times in a week. I feel I know intimately the wrorkings of Southeastern trains and their network services between the Kent Coast and London. If I'm honest I shall not be sorry to end the weekly commute to London for college lectures which will end in just a dew weeks time. Not that I'm counting but I have two journeys for routine lectures left, one for revision week, two for PMP weeks in June and the finally one for Graduation Day on 23 June.
Of course in addition, there's the delight of a coach trip to London for my Ordination, now less than two weeks away.
This past week's extra travel has been in order to attend the Baptist Assembly Meetings - a very different feeling Assembly perhaps because of its location format and content.
Whilst I have been in Walmer, albeit briefly, there has been opportunity to get out into the community at the Broconte event organised by the Parish Council where our church stall raised over £100 for church funds.
Back in London it was good to reconnect with friends from the American Church, catch up on news and enjoy a delicious italian meal.
Since the last blog we've met in Church Meeting, evicted pigeons nesting in the spire and continued our prparations for our Jubille planting scheme.
This week sees the first of our bring-and-share fellowship lunches - a new venture to build community.
Whilst the journeys to London may soon be over doubtless new journeying opportunities will doubtless present themselves as both Pastor and people continue to discern how best we connect with our community and continue our Kingdom building journey.

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