Saturday, 29 August 2009

Living out of boxes

Well the shipment made it from London to Walmer. Now surrounded by what appears to be hundreds of opened boxes the muddle that was packing is being undone. Slowly, order is being created as books find their way to shelves, the computer gets connected to the internet, the birds nest which is the wires behind the tv manages to create a picture and joy of joys, there is space for a bed to be assembled in the bedroom - although I doubt i'll sleep in it just yet.

So the great Walmer adventure begins - having cycled to Sainsbury's wandered across the park, bought the local paper (what a scary photo) and settled down to my first microwave supper in the Manse.

Quite where this adventure might ultimately lead only God knows, but faithful to His call the journey has begun...

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Moving Times


In less than twenty four hours the main event will happen. After weeks of tireless effort and preparation, the endless packing of boxes, and the disbelief of where so much accumulated stuff could come from the move takes place.

Hopefully, in the careful hands of the removal staff from Minters of Deal, the boxes will be first loaded into the van, driven the 70 miles to the coast and then unloaded into their new surroundings of the Manse in Walmer.

Assuming the carpet fitters have done their stuff and the newly painted walls are dry then all should be well.

The planning has been done, the timetable meticulously gone through, now faith comes into its own. The success of this next phase is out of my hands.

Watch this space for further developments as the story of the NEW Pastor at Walmer Baptist Church unfolds...