Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Busy Days...

A blog update is long overdue - sorry to regular readers who feel neglected!
Since my last blog - assignments have been written and marked, the Doctrine exam sat and marked too and the two 2-day Professional Ministry and Practice weeks have begun.
I am amzaed that the marks have come back as well as they have and that it has been possible to match the grades of year 1.

Around this, life has been busy in church as we have prepared for and celebrated the Big Lunch. Although it was a very wet day the Jardine's did a marvellous job with the barbecue and the fifty or so people who filled the hall had a great social time. It was good to have so many family members joining regular attenders for the day.

We have also gathered with friends from local churches for a united evening service to recognise the value of paticipating in the Lent Course 'Confident Discipleship'.

Pentecost afforded the opportunity to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Version and we had Danielle lead us in the Lord's Prayer in Afrikaans (appreciated by Dutch visitors that morning).

Thoughts are turning towards the summer, our hymn-sing programme, our outing to France and entering the local carnival.

Thailand with BMS in September looms large too not least since the days training in Birmingham last Saturday. Having found the necessary funds to pay for flights and accomodation as requested by BMS some additional effort will be needed to fund the necessary supplies - mosquitto net, repelent, vacinations, etc that are required and which don't come cheap.

This weekend we celebrate our Church Anniversary with our Regional Minister Team Leader Stuart Davison leading worship. Hopefully whilst he is with us it will be possible to inform the church of my response to their Settlement proposal of a Part-time (70%) appointment from next summer after their unanimous call. This is now possible having successfully received the Commendation of the College Principal a necessary step in the acreditation process as a Baptist Minister.

So in many ways it has been a busy time and promises to remain so for the forseeable future. Watch this space.