Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I'm alive!

OK, I realise that in this cyber world it is difficult to prove but I am alive. I am here - in the College Library - typing this long overdue update to my blog. I know many of those who are kind enough to follow the thread of my ramblings here have missed me. The e-mails building up in my in-box are testament to your concern.
What I have discovered, much to m frustration, is that I seem only to update my blog from my notebook pc rather than conveniently from my desktop pc in my study.
This is a feeble excuse, I know, but the effort of finding the notebook at home and firing it up just to update the blog constantly slips down the order of priorities especially when the pace of life changes in the summer college break.
But, here, finally, I am and on my notebook in the peace and calm of the College Library having come to London to hand in my freshly completed, bright yellow, Professional Ministry and Practice folder. In order to complete the final piece of work for year two, my Reflective Journal I need a couple of quotes from some learned scholars so after posting this blog update I need to hit the books.

So, NEWS, I hear you cry...
1. The church remains in good heart. We've had a busy summer - with me around more it means we can do more. Here's what I can remember we've done...
Coach trip to Cite Europe & Boulogne
Entered a float in the town carnival
Held a Strawberry Tea
Hosted a two-day Nostalgia Exhibition (old photos of church events since 1940's)
Continued Knitting for the Needy
Started a Badminton Group
Run a series of Hymn-sings on Thursday afternoons.
Welcomed friends from Bloomsbury their summer outing and served them tea.
2. The future: I have agreed the Settlement terms offered by the church when college studies end and will remain here on a 70% stipend. We await to hear whether Home Mission will help us with our finances. We continue to work with our architect through the complexities of the planning process to relocate the kitchen.
3. Pastorally, with an older congregation we have found a number of folk laid low, with a couple currently in hospital. The untimely death of my father's friend/companion of 30 years+ and conducting both her funeral and memorial service was emotionally draining.
4. Thailand: My College Team trip looms ever closer - I will be away 1 - 19 September - and the recent vaccination crippled me for almost a fortnight with sickness and diarrhoea! Packing must start in earnest next week to ensure I can get all I perceive I shall need to take into my case.

So, an update, such as it is, is now typed. an hour or so of serious study lies ahead.

Thank you for your patience in bearing with my tardiness in not blogging more over the summer. I'll endeavour a new update when I'm back from Thailand but failing that college resumes at the beginning of October and hopefully I can return to my usual irregular discipline of weekly updates - ha, ha!