Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pressure builds...

So, at week three the enormity of the challenge which is the third year assignment schedule kicks in. Today, I post this update from the library having taken time to extract from the bookshelves sufficient commentaries, I hope, of John's Gospel to enable me to write my first assignment in next week's mid-semester break.

College life falls into a routine pattern of listening to lecturers, participating when prompted in group discussions and the experiencing the diversity of expressing which is Chapel worship.

In Walmer pressure builds as a busy programme of Autumn events loom. This week sees our monthly Quiz Night, I'm speaking about Thailand to a group that meets at the church, we have two teams entered in the area Christian Aid Quiz Night and we have our monthly Table-Top at which I will be serving Bacon Butties as usual.

We are starting to plan for Spuds & Sparklers - our Indoor Firework Party - the visit by a Ukrainian Choir performing the first concert of their UK tour with us.

Last Sunday we celebrated Baptists Together at the Deal Church along with our friends from Mongeham and that ended a busy week when I attended a Womens World Day of Prayer Conference and a SEBA-run Conference on Homosexuality and the church's response.

The diary continues to fill up - today the Headteacher of the local primary school has booked an assembly when the Vicar and I will present Bibles to 60 year 3 children purchased from donations by our church members.

Thanks to our 'new' industrious fabric team members work whould start on concreteing paths around the church which have until now been problematic gravel beds.

So with Christmas looming around the corner, the pressure builds... bringing excitement, anticipation and challenges.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New Year, New Semester, New Experiences

I guess that technically the new year began with the Trans Cultural Mission Trip to Thailand in September. With seven fellow students and our lecturer, Peter Morden, we had a challenging and enlightening experience on our Short-Term BMS Mission Trip. (I've begun a round of presentations on the trip locally and this will extend to London next month.

Now back at college the Semester proper has begun - the start of my final year - and the assignment list for the January deadline is quite demanding. That said, it is good to be back in the routine of study, interacting with fellow students and making the most of enforced travel to London.

Pastorally, the return to London has thrown up some unexpected challenges but it has been a privelage to, in some small measure, be a support to friends.

Life in Walmer remains busy. We've celebrated Harvest as a fellowship and with childen and parents from The Downs School. Our new Badminton Group continues to flourish. Although we've received planning permission for our kitchen project, funding issues have arisen along with the stipulation we install a Fire Alarm system.

So, the Autumn continues with new challenges expected or unexpected... watch this space.