Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Assembly looms...

As the thrilling prospect of a cold, wet Bank Holiday weekend in Plymouth is just days away there is just time to post an update.
Last week saw us gather in church meeting. Everyone was in good heart and it was encouraging to us all that we will need to consider meeting in a larger room next time, every seat being taken which made us feel rather cosy.
The church agreed to welcome two friends as members which increases our membership by 4 in the year to-date. We reflected upon our Easter activities and services and made plans for our summer programme with a mix of social and spiritual activities.
We were very pleased to learn that the Spire works are almost completed and that the scaffolding should be coming down well in advance of the 4 June deadline.
Find of the week was a tiny sketch of the Kaiser found behind panelling in the church kitchen when we removed the organ blower. Doubtless drawn by a builder in 1914 it has been hidden for almost 100 years.
The week afforded the opportunity to meet Bloomsbury friends on Saturday as they celebrated a member's birthday and also to see them briefly at the end of evening worship on Sunday.
One of our flock has been in Kings College Hospital for open heart surgery at is was good to be in London to visit her.
College studies start to wind down for the end of the semester as we have just two weeks worth of lectures to go and assignments to hand in.
Both members here in Walmer and my supporters group at Bloomsbury have been enlisted to help provide evidence for my Portfolio which needs to be handed in by the end of the summer.
The sun continues to shine in Walmer which bodes well for one last climb of the spire tomorrow to replace the weathervane after its gilding which will be followed by a lively discussion in the evening at our Churches Together Election Hustings!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Holiday is over...

It's back to college time! After the joy of the Easter break and all that has been happening in the life of the church its time for a reality check as college studies resume.
Post Easter the weather has been glorious and the summer wardrobe has come started to appear along with my legs in a new range of shorts for the 2010 season.
It has been good to spend some time tending the garden - earthing up the potatoes, waging war on the dandelions in the front lawn and preparing a new flower bed outside the dining room window!
Deacons have met and we continue in positive mode towards a full summer programme of events and activities.
It was good to have the opportunity to lead worship with friends at Victoria and encourage them to do things a little differently. It is good too to have a date in the diary for a Deal Area Churches Together Election Hustings which will be held at Trinity in a couple of weeks time.
Knitters still knit with enthusiasm on Wednesdays and parcels of knitwear have been dispatched to Debbie Smith working for Habitat for Humanity in South Africa.
Despite the 'Ash cloud' all of our cohort have returned for the last round of lectures before our summer break and we journey towards that in the care of Chis Voke, the Vice Principal, Nigel Wright being on study leave.
It was reassuring to sing in worship today 'Will your anchor hold...'!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Easter in Walmer

It's been busy...but the memories are positive! As readers of the local Churchscene bulletin had been commenting for weeks, there was a lot going on at Walmer Baptist this Easter.
We began with our Fellowship Meal with our friends from Mongeham and Victoria. Sharing Communion throughout the meal and the adjourning to the church for our 'in the Garden' reflection proved a moving experience for some.
On Good Friday in sombre mood befitting the day we gathered to witness the 'Reflections of a Carpenter' which sought to connect us with the Good Friday story in dramatic form. Again for some a moving experience.
After much earnest prayer, the sun shone brightly on Easter Saturday for our Easter Egg Hunt. With over 350 coloured straws for the children to find buried in the church lawn we'd set ourselves a challenge to which many wondered whether the children would come to.
We were pleased to have over 70 'hunters' with parents and grandparents in tow and by all accounts everyone left with a plentiful supply of chocolate and had had a fun afternoon.
Easter Sunday started with light rain which didn't dampen the commitment of 18 members and friends who gathered in the park under umbrellas for our Sunrise Communion before we gathered back in the hall for a hearty Easter Breakfast.
The highlight of Easter was of course our Family Service during which Kate professed her faith through Baptism.
Befitting the season the Hallelujahs rang and we were blessed with a good congregation to witness the Baptism and continue our Easter celebrations.
A dry day on Easter Monday afforded us a pleasurable stroll along the beach and over the downland to St Margaret's for our Ramble. We made good time and had lunch in the bus shelter before catching the bus home.
Today the sun shines again as spring flowers burst forth in the church garden, the men continue to work hard on the spire (which I climbed again yesterday in the sunshine), Pastor and people are in good heart.
Christ is Risen, Alleluia!