Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Too much chocolate...

Easter is behind us but my waistline testifies to it having happened and the experience has been good in many ways.
In the run-up to Holy Week we had an industrious time outside the church leveling the former flower bed and gravel path ready for the arrival and laying of new turf. Already the area looks so much better and over the next few weeks our Jubilee planting scheme will start to take shape as plants which will bloom in reds, whites and blues will fill bed and our new wall planters.
Holy Week began with the usual palm waving on Palm Sunday before we began to journey through Holy Week each day with lunchtime reflections. Maundy Thursday was observed with supper and communion at Victoria, Deal and we gathered for sombre reflection on Good Friday to remember the crucifixion.
Chaos, as ordered as possible, ensued on Easter Saturday afternoon when 50+ children and parents came hunting for Easter Eggs - with over 300 eggs of various sizes to give away there was too much chocolate!
Easter Sunday Celebrations began in the open-air with communion in the park followed by breakfast in the hall. Then the 'big splash'! It was great to share with Frieda and her family in the joy of her baptism - her testimony was very moving!
Catching a few days away, it is now back to college for the final round of lectures and the need to write the final assignments. I've had my exit interview with the Principal who acknowledged my 'distinctiveness' had made its mark!
So, plans for my Ordination start to take shape and the good people of Bloomsbury seem to have that under control. The only worry now is what to wear on the day - nothing fits - too much chocolate!!