Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Cant's avoid Christmas!

Its the day of the college Carol Service an event I have excused myself from in past years but this year I'm a Wise Man reflecting on my experiences to the assembled company. Malcolm and his team of college caterers are preparing a seasonal buffet so I guess there's no escaping Christmas celebrations.
On Saturday we hosted our church Christmas dinner a jolly event at which we sang our first carols of the season in the building although not yet in the Sanctuary.
That will change this week as we share together in the fun worship of our All-age Nativity and then the round of Carol Services begin in earnest.
Hopefully, I trust, we have done justice to the 'waiting' of Advent by resisting the move to Christmas too soon although with the distribution of Hot Cross buns to everyone last Sunday you could be forgiven for thinking we had fast forwarded straight to Easter.

Anyway, the sobering thought as Christmas is now less a fortnight away is that I have three assignments to wrtite over the holiday season which will ensure I don't go overboard on the celebration and remain focussed on the priorities of study!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sssshh! It's not Christmas yet!

I'm resisting the whole Christmas thing as hard as I can, as usual. There are still 18 days of Advent to enjoy - waitin, reflecting, anticipating, hoping...
That said, we had our Easter Tree at the local Christmas Tree Festival last weekend and this weekend we have our church's Christmas Dinner with obligatory carols afterwards.
College has gone all Christmassy too with decorations up and rehearsals for the Carol Service underway.
Our church Carol Service requires readers and the arm twisting has begun.
The list of the sick, recovering and hospitalised seems ever longer this year and with the colder weather finally with us after a long unseasonally warm autumn, doubtless other will succomb to colds and flu.
Having successfully despatched an assignment to college last week, it was pleasing to receive it back with a good mark.
One more week of studies for 2011 remain a hopefully amidst all the festivities there will be time to update the blog before Christmas.