Wednesday, 22 February 2012

D'oh I'm a Simpsons expert?

Amazingly my assignment on The Simpsons for the Cultural Hermenuetics module has been marked and returned with a mark beyond my wildest expectations. Similarly my reflections on the Thailand Trip have been marked and so all the assignments for Semester 1 have been completed.
Having taken a break for half term in Berlin - cold and snowy - its back to college for the final round of lectures and their associated assignments. Colleaugues are sharing joys and frustrations experienced as part of the Settlement process and I'm glad not to have that added stress.
In Walmer we continue our planning for the Jubilee and Olympics. This week sees the resumption of Friday Night Pizza with our two teenage girls. The Sunday Club team are preparing worship for Mothering Sunday.
The local paper has printed a photo and article on our new Badminton Group and, this week, should feature the knitters and photos from the Ukraine where the latest shipment of jumpers etc went.
Lent has begun and with our Anglican friends we are running a series of studies exploring the theme: 'Finding Welcome'.
Life therefore remains busy and full of challenges with little time to watch anything as trvial as The Simpsons.

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